April Showers Bring May Flowers…

25 May

If that’s true then where the hell are my flowers?  This is a bitter sweet month for me, alot of good shit happens in the month of May mixed with the bad.  This Memorial day will mark the 9th anniversary of my little brother’s death and this week also marks the sudden death of my oldest sister last May.  Yeah so this week last week all damn month has been up and down, because you remember the good times and the fact that you aren’t making any new memories with them body slams me into a thick fog of sadness.  But a few flowers bloomed this month, oldest son turned 24, and the baby girl aka last of them Negros, graduated from high school this week and will be off to college in two months!!! Yep I can’t wait to go all out with my balls out!!! I made it through and to me the hard part is done, I’ve laid a foundation and started them on the road to becoming who they were created to be!!! What??? Don’t be jealous cause I still look like I’m in my mid to late 20’s and my kids are grown LOL *well almost anyway*  Anyway I know y’all didn’t come here for that so let me end this post and get on to the next one…

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